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Academic Support

Students at Elkhart High School are taught the standards, but also given the opportunity to thrive academically, while pursuing academic programs they find interesting, such as art, industrial technology and music. The academic programs at Elkhart High School are comprehensive, enabling students to take college preparation, vocational, and/or technical preparation programs.

Freshman Division: Lions Learning Community

The Lions Learning Community is a well-established program at Elkhart High School that aims to focus freshmen on academics and incorporate strategic programs which will help improve students’ success at high school. The Lions Learning Community was established to help staff personally connect with students and create an environment that promotes academic and social competencies. Each incoming Elkhart High School West freshman will participate in the Lions Learning Community.

Freshman are grouped into one of three communities that consists of student peers, administrators, teachers and counselors. Students take a Digital Communication/Personal Financial Responsibility class which focuses on financial responsibility and general business skills, along with career exploration.

  • Voyagers: The mission of Voyager Academy is to support students in the transition from middle school to the high school environment while emphasizing the skills, work habits, and character required for success. Placed within a teaching team that will facilitate student achievement; students will demonstrate consistent goal-setting, motivation, organization, perseverance, and integrity in response to the academic challenges of high school.
  • Challengers: The goal of the Challenger team is to teach students upper-level thinking skills in order to challenge themselves and their academic peers. Students will learn cooperatively and independently as they navigate rigorous, college-prep coursework. The Challenger team is committed to help students reach their academic goals.
  • Polaris: Polaris has been an exciting program for Elkhart High School and a small learning community has begun to provide your child with one of the best possible educations. The Polaris program has committed educators, a smaller learning environment, consistency, and team members who personally know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Polaris is the North Star by which every sailor in history has used to guide their journeys. For us, it is symbolic of a journey and destination – not where Elkhart High School begins with a student, but our voyage together as we encourage and develop each child’s personal and educational potential, so that they are ultimately prepared for success in various post-secondary opportunities.

Elkhart High School (Main Campus)

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a credited course that counts as an elective toward all diplomas. Peer Tutoring provides high school students with an organized, exploratory experience to assist other students in ninth through twelfth grade, in state approved courses. This course provides opportunities for the tutors taking the course to develop a basic understanding of individual differences and to explore career options in related fields. Peer Tutoring experiences are preplanned by the supporting teacher and any content area teacher under whom the tutoring is to be provided. The course provides opportunities for tutors to further develop and use: (1) listening skills, (2) communication skills, (3) facilitation skills, (4) decision-making skills, and (5) teaching strategies.

National Honor Society

Students in the National Honor Society offer free tutoring sessions for all grade levels at EHS and at libraries throughout the community. Check with the main office for details. 

Advisory Period

Students who are struggling with grades can engage in academic interventions or independent work during the advisory period at the end of the day. Please contact your child's School of Study principal for additional information about academic interventions.