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Alternative Learning

Elkhart Academy

Not all students can reach their potential in a traditional learning environment. For those who need an alternative, the Elkhart Academy program offers a unique route to success.

Students attending Elkhart Academy at EHS need to be recommended by an EHS administrator. They remain enrolled at EHS but receive instruction in a comprehensive range of curricular courses at Elkhart Academy. Most students attend half-day sessions and can take advantage of accelerated learning, allowing them to complete courses and begin new ones in the middle of the semester.

Elkhart Academy is committed to serving all students by providing an environment where students will learn to navigate life, find their purpose, and become productive members of our community.  Elkhart Academy focuses on creating a safe and collaborative culture for both students and staff.  An emphasis on building positive relationships with staff, peers, and the community is an important element of the program.  Students work alongside staff to build skills that will promote their success in the classroom and in the community.  An individual learning plan is developed for each student to ensure that they are in the best position to succeed.  Smaller class sizes allow for more individualized instruction.  Students attend a half-day academic session each day.  The Elkhart Academy team works with the community to find work-based learning, internships, and other opportunities for students for the second half of their day.  Elkhart Academy is a program provided by Elkhart Community Schools to deliver the best services from highly-trained staff for students needing an alternative to the traditional school setting.

For additional information, visit the ECS website: Elkhart Academy

School Without Walls

Elkhart Community School’s landmark School Without Walls program gives students an opportunity to earn their Elkhart High School diploma (not a GED/HSE or homeschool diploma) through online courses and in-person tests. This program allows students who may have missed extended periods of school due to illness, family situations, or work, an opportunity to graduate with their cohort, attend high school functions, and participate in high school activities.

Anyone who is interested in the School Without Walls program must first meet with their School of Study counselor and principal, who will determine if the program is an appropriate fit, or if the student would better be served through our Community Education program.

Once accepted into the School Without Walls program, a student will be assigned to a mentor/teacher who will help them complete an Individual Academic Plan (IAP). The IAP provides the timeframe for course work and completion. This mentor oversees all aspects of the student’s IAP and also serves as an advocate for the student in community or other settings such as juvenile justice, internship monitoring or working with home high school guidance counselors. Additionally, the mentor/teacher monitor the schools daily attendance requirement and students may be required attend in person as the mentor/teacher deems necessary.

School Without Walls utilizes a Five Block Schedule. This is based on data that each course takes approximately 75 hours to complete, therefore students should earn a minimum of two credits every five weeks. In an 18-week semester, a minimum of six credits will be earned. Enrollment in the program is limited and program eligibility is evaluated continuously.

For additional information, visit the ECS website: School Without Walls