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English Learners

Elkhart Community Schools values ALL students and families. 

  • What is the goal for English Learners? 
    • English Learners acquire English and academic skills within content-area classes ultimately leading to graduation and success while maintaining their first language and recognizing the value of multiple cultures.
  • What is the Identification and Instructional Process for English Learners?
    • Complete registration with the district
    • Home Language Survey
    • WIDA screener
    • Parent/Guardian notification of results
    • Individual Learning Plan (ILP) created
    • WIDA ACCESS annual testing
    • Monitored for two years after reaching English Proficiency Level 5.
  • How are English Learners tested?
    • Elkhart Community Schools uses the WIDA screener. The WIDA screener is a one-time test for a newly arrived student to Indiana schools. The WIDA screener determines the level (Level 1-6) of English language proficiency.
    • Elkhart Community Schools uses the WIDA ACCESS test to assess English Learners on an annual basis. The WIDA ACCESS test measures progress in the English language. 
    • A child who reaches English Proficiency Level 5 will no longer need to complete the WIDA Access Test. 

What Services Are Provided to English Learners?