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EHS Internships

At Elkhart Community Schools, a strong emphasis is placed on preparing graduates to be career/college ready and life ready. EHS seniors can participate in internships, which can be the length of a semester or the full school year. Internships are both paid and unpaid, with the primary purpose of the internship being a hands-on learning experience.

Student Benefits

Students who complete an internship gain invaluable hands-on experience in a career field of interest. They gain soft skills like workplace etiquette and an understanding of workplace communication. Students are able to develop technical skills, learn career-specific information, gain confidence, network with professionals, and gain an edge in the job market.

Workplace Benefits

Like students, employers have much to gain from hosting an intern. Interns can help ease workload, help with seasonal or 
event-specific projects, demonstrate community involvement, build reputation, help guide the education and training of potential future employees, and provide their employees with an opportunity for leadership and mentoring.