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Jazz Band

Jazz Band


What is the Jazz Band?
There are three Jazz Bands at Elkhart High School: Jazz Band 1, Jazz Band 2, and the Freshman Division Jazz Band.
How does a student get involved in Jazz Band?

Students earn a spot in Jazz Band 1 through a competitive audition process. There is no audition for Jazz Band 2 or the Freshman Division Jazz Band. For all Jazz Bands, the student must be concurrently enrolled in a concert band.
When do the Jazz Bands practice?

The Jazz Bands rehearse during the school day, with occasional after school rehearsals.
Do the Jazz Bands perform for the community?

The Jazz Bands perform about four times throughout the year, including the Band Festival, Winter Concert, ISSMA Festival, and the ECS Jazz Showcase.  
Do the Jazz Bands compete in music competitions?

No. The Jazz Bands perform annually at the ISSMA High School Jazz Festival, which is a non-competitive event.

Jazz Band

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